Pastor Cristiane Peixoto

Restoration Center Ministry Leader
Estancia Paraiso
Ministry of Restoring Lives
Lagoinha Baptist Church

Pastor Cristiane, a pastor and prophet from Brazil with a strong seer anointing, has worked with inner healing and deliverance for more than 15 years.

As a college student studying education and philosophy, Cristiane’s life was turned upside down when she had a supernatural encounter in which she was awakened by the audible voice of God calling her name.  At this moment, God began to talk to her about the promises He had for her and the purpose He had for her life.

Soon after, Cristiane began ministering to the poor and the homeless and doing evangelism on the streets where she began to gain experience in the area of deliverance.

After marrying Pastor Joel Peixoto, Cristiane joined her husband in Salvador, Brazil, pastoring with him for 8 years, working in the area of inner healing, delivering and helping to restore lives.

After beginning a family, God called the Peixotos to Belo Horizonte where they served as pastors for 9 years at Estancia Paraiso, Ministry of Restoring Lives under Lagoinha Baptist Church, one of the largest churches to date in the nation of Brazil. Estancia Paraiso, well-known for its counseling and deliverance ministry, personally ministers to tens of thousands of broken and hurting leaders who fly in from around the world for this program. Approximately seven thousand people come every year to be ministered to, and 70% of them are leaders in the secular arena as well as ministers.

With her strong revelatory teaching gift, Cristiane was put in charge of teaching in lectures on forgiveness, Christian character and freedom from sexual perversion, etc. Pastor Cristiane, along with her husband, also ministered healing and deliverance to hundreds of pastors and leaders shattered by tragedy and disappointment, helping to restore them. Pastor Cristiane travels and ministers at conferences with her husband, in addition to advising leaders and ministers in many countries. Cristiane and her husband have four beautiful children, Deborah, Lucas, Emmanuel and Esther and currently reside in Dallas, Texas.