Deliverance Training Through the Prophetic

In this life transforming class, students will be introduced to the fundamentals of receiving and ministering deliverance through the power and gifts of the Holy Spirit. The spiritual roots of some psychological, emotional, and physical issues will be discussed, as well as related natural causes and predispositions. In addition to contemporary Christian ministry tools and behavioral science methodologies, the role of prayer and the prophetic in resolving complex emotional and psychological issues will be explored both theoretically and practically.  At the end of the class, students are expected to experience inner breakthrough and healing as well as the knowledge and understanding to minister to individuals and families suffering emotional and psychological traumas.

Monday & Wednesday 1:30-3:30 PM

Current Christ For The Nations students may register for this class using the regular registration process.

Persons who are not currently students must contact the Admissions department to register for this class.

Small Group Intensives:
Spiritual and Emotional Healing Dynamics and The Prophetic

Cost: $50 invitation only

In this advanced class, students participate in three to four hours of intense small group sessions for four days. With the goal to foster inner healing, students take a deep dive into the soul, and explore the roots of trauma such as identity, fatherhood, rejection, and their impact on personality and dysfunctional lifestyles, families, leadership and systems. Through the Word of God, the activation of the prophetic, and release of the supernatural, participants will experience personal freedom and breakthrough. With their identity in Christ restored, they will develop the capacity to cope with the stresses of life, and the confidence to pursue their life’s purpose or calling.

This is an invitation only session.

One-on-One Personal Sessions:
Personal Deliverance Encounter through Prophetic

Package Cost for 4 Sessions: $200

Each Additional Session: $50

In this personal one-on-one session, facilitators help you to overcome psychological, emotional and spiritual issues. Critical to this is an in-depth look into personality and identity profile, interpersonal and family dynamics, and lifestyle. As well, students explore their family tree to discover root issues, negative cycles, and patterns, then challenge them and bring resolution to trans-generational curses. This intensive session is recommended for anyone dealing with life adjustment problems, stagnated in life or facing significant challenge to moving forward in their life. For those called to be pastors or aspiring to be deliverance ministers, the knowledge gained from this personal experience is invaluable.